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At Family Medical Home, we know that many of our patients are nearing age 65 and may be looking for medical plans that fit their unique medical needs. 


When it comes to your health insurance coverage and your medical care, the #1 mistake people make is missing their enrollment opportunity.


  • The Open Enrollment Period runs from October 15 through December 7 (45 Days)
  • Once Open Enrollment closes you can’t make any changes to your coverage for the coming year


According to a study by United-Healthcare, nearly three-quarters of Americans believe they are prepared to choose a good health insurance plan during open enrollment. Yet, more than 90-percent of those surveyed could not define four basic and important health insurance terms.


As you do your online research to find the best plan to meet your needs, here are a few questions you should get the answers to: 

  1. What if I already have Medicare part A & B? How can I expand my Medicare coverage?
  2. What type of prescription drug coverage will I have?
  3. Will I get dental, vision, and wellness coverage?
  4. Are $0 premium and $0 deductible plans available to me?
  5. Does my plan have flexibility in how my services are delivered?
  6. Does my plan include Chronic Care Management (CCM)? What if I am diabetic? Will I be covered for – heart disease, blood thinners, coronary artery disease, a stent? 
  7. Based on my income are there special rates available? (Those who qualify as Low income can get 1 of 4 subsidies). 
  8. What if I currently use Tricare, TRS, or Tricare for Life?


While we cannot refer you to a specific insurance plan, we can wholeheartedly refer you to a specific insurance agent. John Raba, an independent agent with the Castro Community Insurance Agency, has consistently been rated among the top 15% in his industry. John is ready to provide you with solutions to the complex Medicare program by offering you various options. 


For your convenience John can meet with you at your home.


Schedule Your Appointment with John Raba


Just like our doctors, John is knowledgeable, friendly, and relatable. 


“When I needed to talk to someone about Medicare and Medicare Insurance, I was referred to John Raba. He took the time to carefully explain all my options and helped me make a choice that was right for me. I like the fact that he makes home visits and returns my calls. I am glad he is my agent.”                                  — Thomas C.         


Family Medical Home recognizes that Open Enrollment can be intimidating and that the whole process can make for a lot of anxiety. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our friendly adviser will not only eliminate all the head-scratching, he’ll make sure you have the best coverage possible so that you can take advantage of our wide-range of exceptional services.


Services Available at Family Medical Home


Avoid the Headache of Choosing the Wrong Health Plan

A New York Times article gave the following general reasons why so many people choose the wrong healthplans:

  • Inertia – It is easier to stay with a plan picked a long time ago (see more below)
  • Math – It is time-consuming and in some cases, challenging to do the calculations required to assess the plans
  • Medical insurance plans can be overly complicated
  • For Seniors – Medicare is a very difficult and confusing topic


As a result of making a bad choice, some people end up paying more without getting anything extra in return. 


“Health insurance is like any other major purchase, experts say – buyer beware.”


With Open Enrollment (October 15 through December 7) just around the corner take a moment to schedule an appointment with our friend John Raba. A consultation with John may reveal that you need to change plans.


Schedule an Appointment


Why should you consider changing plans?

Changes in Health

Each year you should reevaluate your health and how your insurance fits into your needs. Your annual physical is a great way to measure your overall health and see if there are any specific concerns that you’ll need to have covered. 


New healthcare options

Healthcare is constantly changing, and what may have been covered for you one year might not be covered in the next. It’s important to make sure you are looking through your plan even if you are planning on renewing the same one for the following year to make sure there are no changes that might negatively impact you. 


New medications

If you have new prescriptions or existing ones, you want to ensure that your policy will cover the generic versions of those medications. Your current coverage might not include your new medication so it’s essential to check and find a plan that has you covered. 


Cost Changes

As the year comes to a close your deductible will reset, and the costs associated with your policy might increase. If you notice that your deductible will be increased or that the overall cost has gone up, you can explore other options that might better suit your budget.


Open Enrollment is the best opportunity to upgrade your healthcare, but we know the process can be overwhelming, so we want to help! We’re here for you and any questions you may have during this period.


Make Sure The Health Care Services You Need Are Covered

With the right health insurance plan in place you can rest assured you will have access to the full range of services offered by Family Medical Home. Here are just some of the ways we have distinguished ourselves as a leader among all primary care providers:

  • Patient-centered team approach
  • An individualized care plan managed by a team of dedicated caregivers
  • Our focus on long-term wellness
  • Compassionate care that emphasizes honor, dignity, and respect
  • A holistic treatment plan that cares for the whole person
  • A patient transportation system for those who have a difficult time getting to our clinic


Visit our website to see all the services we provide


At Family Medical Home we believe in the power of relationships. Our desire is to preserve the love and bonds that are created by them. We desire to amplify that love by keeping the family healthy and whole to ensure that the world is a better place. 


Family Medical Home is certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).


“We welcome all Wellmed and Medicare patients. Our desire is to help you maintain your health so you can experience a great quality of life throughout the golden years.”

                                                                        — Dr. Jesus Rodriguez, Family Medicine Physician


The older we get the more we should be concerned with having the right health plan in place. You cannot take control of your health, unless you have a health insurance plan that matches your needs and works for you.


Seniors Can’t Age Well Without a Good Medicare Plan in Place

As the 2020 Open Enrollment period approaches (October 15 through December 7) it is imperative that every senior be enrolled in a Medicare plan that will enable you to stay physically & mentally healthy, while also maintaining your independence.


  • If you do not change your plan during the Annual Enrollment Period, then you will be automatically enrolled in your previous plan
  • New Plans will go into effect on January 1, 2021


Family Medical Home is here to make sure that your Medicare insurance plan aligns with the care you may need that will enable you to take advantage of all the services we offer to older adults.


[Due to the advancements in healthcare and technology, people are living longer. According to the US Census Bureau, by 2040 the population of seniors over 85 is expected to triple from 5.7 million to 14.1 million.


Meantime, since 2011, adults have been turning 65 at a rate of 10, 000 a day. This will continue until 2029. Census data shows that older adults make up the fastest growing age group within the United States.]*


* set off these statistics in a box

Let Family Medical Home Help You to Make Sure Your Medical Insurance Is in Order

Making sure you choose the best Medicare plan for you is our way of walking with you for your life’s journey and being there for you, so that when life happens, we can give you the best possible care when you need it.


You want to make sure that you get the maximum benefits that are available to you. 


Whether you need to enroll, re-enroll, or change your Medicare insurance plan, Family Medical Home and our associate John Raba – an independent agent with the Castro Community Insurance Agency – are here to take care of you and your specific needs.


A Quick Guide to Open Enrollment


What is Open Enrollment?

Open enrollment is an annual period where people can sign up for healthcare or change their healthcare plan. Outside of open enrollment, you are only able to change your plan or sign up for insurance if you experience a qualifying life event, like losing your job or moving. 


How do I change healthcare plans during open enrollment?

Visit learn more about your coverage options so you can decide if you want to keep or update your plan. 


What is the time period for Open Enrollment?

Annual Enrollment runs from October 15th to December 7th, with changes put into effect on January 1, 2021.


Important Dates:

October 15th

Open Enrollment Begins


December 7th

Open Enrollment Closes


January 1st

New Plan Goes into Effect


[Icon] Remember, if you do not change your plan during the Annual Enrollment Period, then you will be automatically enrolled in your previous plan.


What is Medicare? Do I Qualify?


For anyone who is now 64 years of age and about to turn 65, Medicare is the federally funded health insurance program designed specifically for you.


The nation’s Medicare program is for seniors older than 65, who have worked full-time for at least 10 years. Original Medicare is referred to as Medicare Part A and Part B. Medicare Advantage plans (also referred to as Medicare Part C), which covers just about everything Original Medicare covers, are also available via private health insurers. 


Now Is the Time to Compare, Shop, and Enroll

I hope this blog has been helpful to you in conveying how important it is to have the right health insurance plan, especially if you are a senior.


Family Medical Home wants to do everything we can to improve the health of you, your family, and our community.


Please bookmark this article, or make a copy to help you prepare for your appointment with John Raba or with your designated insurance agent.


Also be sure to share this blog post with your friends or fellow Seniors so that you can remind them about Open Enrollment and most importantly, to make sure they choose a health insurance plan that will provide them with the best care possible and bang for their dollar.


Visit our website at so that you can make sure your plan will enable you to access more of our medical services.

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