Our Services

General Adult Physical Exams

We are able to perform comprehensive, annual physical exams with specific screening requirements based on age and gender. Annual laboratory tests, breast exams, pap smears, mammograms, colonoscopies, bone density testing and immunizations are discussed at these visits.

Women’s Wellness and General Exams

We are able to perform physical exams tailored to your age, gynecological history, risk factors, and other medical needs. This includes but is not limited to breast exams, gynecological exams, pap smears, pregnancy testing, STD testing, lab work, and other medical issues important to you. We also can develop a diet and exercise regimen to fit your needs.

Men's Wellness and General Exams

We are able to perform physical exams tailored to your age, risk factors, and other medical needs. This includes but is not limited to normal aging processes, prostate issues, erectile dysfunction, STD testing, and other medical issues important to you.

Child and Adolescent Wellness and General Exams

Child and Adult Wellness and General Exams

We are able to perform annual physical exams designed for various ages and developmental groups that monitor normal development in children, immunization requirements, and any other specific medical need.

Chronic Disease Management (DM, HTN, etc.)

Child and Adult Wellness and General Exams

Our doctors are well-versed in the management of many chronic diseases. They use current, evidence based standards of care that can better address these medical conditions. Examples include Obesity, Depression, Hypertension, Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia, Arthritis, Asthma, and many others. 

Hospital Care

Hospital Care

If necessary, we admit and follow our own patients in the hospital. Currently, we admit to Christus Santa Rosa Westover Hills.

In-House Laboratory

In house Laboratory

We have a COLA / CLIA accredited laboratory on site and are qualified to draw and process blood and tissue specimens as well as perform waived laboratory tests. For testing not performed in our office, we contract with a reputable, nationally recognized, referral lab and are able to send out specimens and typically get results within a week’s time.

Pre Operative Evaluation and Clearance

Child and Adult Wellness and General Exams

As an added convenience, clearance and/or screening exams required prior to a surgical procedure are performed here at our office. These examinations are tailored to the type of procedure and the risk involved for each surgical case. In addition to drawing and processing you lab work, computer-aided electrocardiograms are performed and interpreted. Other required studies such as Chest X-Rays and possible referral to specialists for further clearance, can all be handled here prior to your surgery.

Acute Minor Emergencies

We are able to function as a walk in clinic for minor emergencies including but not limited to lacerations, sprains or fractures, asthma exacerbations, acute viral illnesses and others.

Same Day Appointments

We are able to accept walk-in and same day appointments for your immediate medical concerns.

School and Sport Pre-participation Exams

Sports Clearance

We perform physical exams on middle school and high school students as required by the school districts for sports clearance. Please check that pre-participation forms are brought to the clinic with the parent/guardian section previously completed and signed. This will expedite the entire process.

After-Hours Access Coverage

One of our doctors is always on call. We provide after hours access to that physician for serious medical issues and emergencies.

Electronic Medical Records


Over the last twelve years, we have incorporated and helped develop a fully functional electronic medical record system that, in addition to addressing our patients needs using age-specific parameters, also performs comprehensive drug interaction assessments in a live setting even as the physician is preparing your prescriptions. Along with our website, it will soon become a vehicle for “e-medicine” which will provide you with the convenience of a physician consultation via the internet.

Adolescent and Adult Immunizations

Child and Adult Wellness and General Exams

We provide immunizations for adults and adolescents required for school. This includes tetanus, flu, and pneumovax.

Cervical Cancer Screening

Cervical Cancer Exam

Pap smears are performed coinciding with your Womens Wellness exam and as necessary. High risk HPV testing can also be performed.

Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy Testing

We are able to perform pregnancy testing using a urine or blood samples. Urine results are available the same day, and blood results in 24 hours.


For individual men or couples who have decided that future children are not desired and would like sterilization, we are able to perform vasectomies in an outpatient setting. Prior to the procedure, counseling and review of the risks and benefits of Vasectomy are discussed at length with the patient and/or the couple. The procedure itself usually takes approximately 45 minutes and is done under local anesthesia. Follow-up includes evaluation of two post-vasectomy specimens for successful sterilization.

Joint Injections and Aspirations

Joint Injection

We are able to inject joints with medication to help long term pain from arthritis and recent injuries. Likewise, we are able to perform aspiration from joints to help further diagnose joint inflammation and infections.

Endometrial Biopsies

Sampling of endometrial tissue can be done to further help us diagnose uterine abnormalities and irregular bleeding. This procedure is done in the clinic same day with minimal discomfort.



We perform hearing tests in the clinic to help diagnose hearing loss and other associated hearing changes.

Pulmonary Function Testing

Pulmonary Testing

We are able to test lung function for those people with chronic lung disease, asthma or any other indication and also include this is part of our comprehensive, annual physical examinations.



We have had training and experience in performing Microdermabrasion (using the SilkPeel system), Chemical peels (using pharmaceutical grade exfoliants available only to physicians), Botox Cosmetic, Tissue Fillers (using Radiesse and Juviderm) and Sclerotherapy for superficial lower extremity varicosities. A complimentary consultation is included with the first treatment.

Disease-centered Group Visits

We are in the process of developing protocols for group visits where a number of patients can gather and share concerns as well as solutions to some of the more common illnesses such as Diabetes, Hypertension and Hypercholesterolemia.

Toe Nail Removals

We are able to perform toe nail removals necessary to test for fungal infection and ingrown toe nails. This procedure is done same day with minimal discomfort.

Skin Biopsies and Minor Surgery

Skin Biopsies

We commonly remove unwanted skin tags as well as submit appropriately collected specimens for pathological evaluation and diagnosis. Other procedures include removal of cutaneous lesions (e.g. moles) and subcutaneous nodules for further evaluation.



We perform computer-assisted electrocardiograms used to diagnose major heart conditions and for pre-operative clearance within a few minutes in the clinic.

Laceration Repair

Laceration Repair

We are able to clean and repair minor cuts and lacerations.

Incision and Drainage

For those “boils” and other skin infections that are painful and draining pus, we are able to incise and drain those infections. This is done quickly during the visit and will help us further diagnose the exact infection.

Simple Splinting and Casting

We are able to place splints and casts for sprains and most fractures. These include but not limited to sprains/fractures of hand, wrist, arm, lower leg, foot, and ankle.